With more than 1,400 schools throughout Japan and expanding to the world, we aim to be a general education group that caters to a diverse range of students.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Leaders, Achieving Dreams Together

With 16 consecutive years of double-digit growth, and now over 1,400 schools throughout Japan and in neighboring countries, Yaruki Switch Group has a proud record in the Education field that it continues to build upon with quality programs and quality staff. Hiring year round, an exciting position teaching awaits you. Be the difference. Come teach with us!

  • An exciting, fun, goal-orientated English conversation school equipping students with the tools to communicate and express themselves.

    At WinBe, our goal is to bring English education in Japan to a new level, with high results gained from a conversation, phonics and culturally driven curriculum, where instructors are encouraged to provide students with fun, creative classes that forge real-life conversational skills through the use of games, songs and role-play like activities. The sense of accomplishment and confidence fostered in our supportive learning environment, coupled with the skills learnt through our curriculum, provide a platform for future success.

  • A new type of day care and after-school program stimulating curiosity and interests of students using English.

    At Kids Duo, our approach is not simply about studying English, rather, we follow our philosophy of “Play in English, Learn in English”. Learning a new language is always a challenge, so we aim to create an environment in which children feel safe and can learn in a natural and enjoyable way. We offer a variety of after-school and day care programs that include arts and crafts, music and dance, outdoor activities and occasional field trips, hands on math and story-time, all in English. The success of our program sees continued growth in our student base and the expansion of our schools.

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  • A state-of-the-art international kindergarten with a fully tailored curriculum of English, Japanese and Physical Education.

    At Kids Duo International our main goal is to have teachers create a sense of community and belonging in their classrooms. Students need to feel the teachers` love for them and feed off of it in order to reach their full potential. Our values: paternal love, acceptance, energy, passion for teaching, teamwork and Kaizen are imprinted on the hearts of all our instructors, and are the main reason why our students can absorb such extensive curriculum.


With more than 1,400 schools throughout Japan and expanding to the world, we aim to be a general education group that caters to a diverse range of students.

We are a general educational group with a track record stretching 40 years in teaching, nurturing, and opening up a future for children.

Yaruki Switch Group is a general educational group that has developed and continues to develop businesses such as tutorial cram schools at the core, infant schools, English childcare facilities, and bilingual kindergartens not just nationwide but worldwide. With its ‘Apply individual approaches to individuals’ educational philosophy, it continues to expand beyond the 1,400 school network since its establishment.

What we treasure is not just academic development. We respect each child’s characteristics and nurture their “confidence and motivation” through their successful experience of achieving their goals. “Think for yourself, decide for yourself, and act for yourself”; we help the children to polish their “jibun-ryoku” (self power) and take on challenges in life, opening up their own path without being swayed by the general values and other people’s evaluations.